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Photos 2018 - Creswell RC Flyers

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June 2 - John Risbrough photos
JR_06-02-18_1   JR_06-02-18_2   JR_06-02-18_3   

JR_06-02-18_4   JR_06-02-18_5      

May 22 - Meeting, Eating and Flying
05-22-18_m1   05-22-18_m2   05-22-18_1   05-22-18_2   

05-22-18_3   05-22-18_4   05-22-18_5      

May 19 - John Risbrough photos

JR_05-19-18_1   JR_05-19-18_2   JR_05-19-18_3   

JR_05-19-18_4   JR_05-19-18_5   JR_05-19-18_6   

May 5 - Swap and Shop
05-05-18_sm1   05-05-18_sm2   05-05-18_sm5   05-05-18_sm12   05-05-18_sm4

05-05-18_sm3   05-05-18_sm6   05-05-18_sm7   05-05-18_sm8   05-05-18_sm9

05-05-18_sm10   05-05-18_sm11   05-05-18_sm14   05-05-18_sm13   05-05-18_sm15

05-05-18_sm16   05-05-18_sm17   05-05-18_sm18   05-05-18_sm19   05-05-18_sm20

05-05-18_sm21   05-05-18_sm22   05-05-18_sm24   05-05-18_sm23   

May 4 - Swap and Shop setup and some flying
05-04-18_ss1   05-04-18_ss2   05-04-18_w1

Apr 24 - Meeting and show and tell
04-24-18_m1   04-24-18_s2   04-24-18_s1   04-24-18_s3

Mar 31 - Flying on Saturday was great. It was so nice to get out and stretch the wings. Most everyone got in some good flights.  We had about 7 club members and a few guests. The sun was on and off and wind was low. At the end of the day Bill S did a little work on one of our mowers and Rod spread 3 bags of fertilizer. Rod also got the irrigation up and running for the season. Thanks Guys. All in all a good day spent with great friends..... - John Risbrough photos

JR_03-31-18_1   JR_03-31-18_2   JR_03-31-18_3   JR_03-31-18_4

JR_03-31-18_5   JR_03-31-18_6   JR_03-31-18_7   JR_03-31-18_8

Mar 27 - Meeting, show and tell and Raffle prize for Swap and Shop
03-27-18_m2   03-27-18_s1   03-27-18_m1

Feb 27 - Meeting and show and tell
02-27-18_m1   02-27-18_s1

Jan 23 - Meeting

January 13 - Saturday float flying was great. Bill brought his 120 cc yak on balsa usa 1/3 scale edo floats. We had 6 flyers little windy until 10:00 then got like summer. Wind died down - great fun. - Rod madison photos
RM_01-13-18_1    RM_01-13-18_2    RM_01-13-18_3    RM_01-13-18_4    

RM_01-13-18_5    RM_01-13-18_6    RM_01-13-18_7    RM_01-13-18_8    

January 3



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