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  Valley View RC                        Oregon Hobby Shop List
  Trumps Hobbies                   
  RC Foam Cutter 
  Eugene Toy and Hobby          
  Chief Aircraft 
  Craig List Oregon 
  Flying Giants 
Hobby King 
  Tower Hobbies 
  Troy Built Models
  Bad Brad 

  RC Groups 
  RC Universe 
  NorthWest Scale Aero-Modellers  NWSAM 
  Select non-competitive regional events

  Scalemasters  USSMA 
  Regional competitive events

  A guide-to-building-model-aircraft
  AMain Performance Hobbies

Other RC Clubs
  Bend RC                                     McMinnville Aircraft
  Eugene RC                                 North Coast RC 
  Evergreen Aero Modelers
  Florence RC                                
  Salem RC Pilots                        Emerald RC Boat Club
  South Lane RC 
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 Eugene Prop Spinners    Flying Lines
Free Flight Model
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  Willamette Modelers Club   

 Creswell Clay Target Sports

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