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Aug 16
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June 21
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May 17
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February 11 - today's project digging a drainage ditch - John Risbrough photos
JR_02-11-17_f1 JR_02-11-17_f2 JR_02-11-17_f3 JR_02-11-17_f4 JR_02-11-17_f5     
It was a productive day at the field. The day started around 9 and finished up around 1:00.
A bit chilly in the early AM but cleared around 11:30 or so. We installed approx 60' to 80'  of drain line to help dry out the
area behind the flight tables. Thanks to Rod w/tractor, Allen, Gary, Tim and Mike Farr for helping with the shoveling and raking.
A couple of us even managed to get a couple of foamy's in the air as well.
See ya all at our next meeting.  John Risbrough

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