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December 14 Christmas Party

12-14-19_5   12-14-19_2   12-14-19_6   12-14-19_3    12-14-19_4

June 22 - Fun Fly and Swap and Raffle

For all of you that were not able to attend our Fun Fly & Swap, it was a success. We had approximately 9 registered pilots with a total crowd of about 25 or so. The weather was great. Not too hot and the wind was low. A pretty good handful of models of various types and sizes were in the swap field as well as a decent mixture of smalls in the covered area. Everyone seemed to have a good time flying and enjoyed some burgers and dogs to take the edge off. Pat and Oliver from the the (ERCA) Eugene RC Aeronauts put on some great 3D flying for all of us. Oliver is an amazing pilot at just 12 yrs old. Thanks to all of our club members that helped make this event happen as well as Sue, Shawn and Stephanie who manned the entrance table AND Glenn for doin the cooking. Always remember to thank our ever supporting wives. They play a big part in all of our successes in life. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors in their continuing support. Make sure you thank them if you get the chance. The last thanks I would like to share is to the Eugene RC Aeronauts. They postponed their club meeting in order to attend our event. This is what this hobby is all about. Sharing this great hobby with our friends and extended RC family from around the area. It is nice to bring our groups together. Life is too short. Enjoy each day and person to the fullest. That is all for now.

Sincerely......Your Prez.............John Risbrough

John Risbrough photos

JR_06-22-19_6   JR_06-22-19_1   JR_06-22-19_2   JR_06-22-19_3    JR_06-22-19_4

JR_06-22-19_5   JR_06-22-19_7   JR_06-22-19_8   JR_06-22-19_9    JR_06-22-19_10

JR_06-22-19_11   JR_06-22-19_12   JR_06-22-19_13   JR_06-22-19_14    

Rod Madison photos

RM_06-22-19_1   RM_06-22-19_2   RM_06-22-19_3   RM_06-22-19_4   RM_06-22-19_5

RM_06-22-19_6   RM_06-22-19_7

Jim Corbett photos

06-22-19_6   06-22-19_2   06-22-19_3   06-22-19_5

06-22-19_4   06-22-19_1

June 8 - Tim Herrmann photos - Here are a few photos from the field on Saturday. The red and white plane is Bill's "Schneider Racer". I think he likes it because of the name!

TH_06-08-19_1   TH_06-08-19_2   TH_06-08-19_3

May 4 - Swap-n-Shop - John Risbrough and Jim Corbet photos

Well gang, we started off the year with a bang. As always, our club put on another great swap meet. People started arriving early, with planes and things leaving in new hands before the doors even opened. I think most sellers made a few bucks and left with a few less old things and maybe a few new. It was a mad frenzy for a while with thick crowds in various places. Steve from Grants Pass had fair amount of goodies to paw through as well as Jim DeBoer from Corvallis with some great electric planes to choose from. I would like to thank the guys from the Eugene R/C Aeronauts club for supporting our event. It is always great to see them. Thanks to Trumps's Hobbies in Corvallis for helping with the great raffle prizes. Congrats to Sam Olsen from our club, he won the top raffle prize. E-FliteT-28. This is one of my favorite events to put on, as it brings our R/C community together to enjoy this great hobby and stories with friends. Thanks to all that helped make this event possible. A special thanks to the wives that held post at the door, Sue, Vickie, Shawn and Stephanie. Let your wives and partners know how much you appreciate their support of us in this great hobby. It keeps us all out of trouble. See ya all out at the field this spring and summer.

Your Prez......................John Risbrough

JR_05-04-19_3   JR_05-04-19_2   JR_05-04-19_1

JR_05-04-19_5   JR_05-04-19_6   JR_05-04-19_4

05-04-19_1   05-04-19_2   05-04-19_3   05-04-19_4   05-04-19_5

05-04-19_6   05-04-19_7   05-04-19_8   05-04-19_9   05-04-19_10

05-04-19_11   05-04-19_12   05-04-19_13   05-04-19_14   05-04-19_15

05-04-19_16   05-04-19_17   05-04-19_18   05-04-19_19   05-04-19_20

Apr 23 - Meeting and show and tell - John Risbrough photos
JR_04-23-19_m1   JR_04-23-19_s1

Mar 26 - Meeting and raffel price for swap-n-shop
03-26-19_m1   03-26-19_r1

Mar 16 - John Risbrough photos

Hi gang. Well we had a great day of flying yesterday. Light winds and warmish weather. It felt good  to get out and fly, as it has been at least a couple months since I have turned my radio on. Heck it just felt good to get out of the house and do something. We had 6 show and some visitors to enjoy the day. Myself , Monty, Rod, Jerry P, Gary S and Sam. Rod flew a new to him giant scale PT-19 in Texas air national guard colors. A beautiful plane and respectable flyer. It is going to be a great year and the field is looking awesome. I am looking forward to spending some time with everyone out here at our stellar field enjoying this great hobby. See you all soon.  John Risbrough.

JR_03-16-19_1   JR_03-16-19_2   JR_03-16-19_3   JR_03-16-19_4   

Mar 5 - Feburary Meeting and Show & Tell
03-05-19_m1   03-05-19_m2   03-05-19_s1

Jan 22 - Meeting and Show & Tell
01-22-19_m1   01-22-19_m2


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