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Photos 2018 - Creswell RC Flyers

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November 27 - Meeting
11-27-18_m1   11-27-18_m2   11-27-18_m3   11-27-18_m4   

October 23 - Meeting

September 22

September 17 - Rods Sopwith  - Rod Madison  photos
RM_09-15-18_1   RM_09-15-18_2   RM_09-15-18_5   RM_09-15-18_6   RM_09-15-18_7

RM_09-15-18_3   RM_09-15-18_4         

September 14

August 28 - Meeting
08-28-18_m1  08-28-18_m2

July 28 Float Fly

I would like to thank everyone involved that made our event possible today. It was a gorgeous day with mild wind. We had about a dozen pilots with approx 15 or so total with family members. Even though our pilot count was lite, we had a nice selection of aircraft. We had a  lot of flights early to beat the heat. Please thank the below members. I can't say it enough, it is members like this that make this club a great one to belong to.


Shawn and Vickie- For running the float in the parade
Rod- For bringing out the quad to help shuttle equipment back and forth
Glenn- for manning the check in table
Tim- For manning the check in table
Allen- For bringing out his golf cart and trailer to help shuttle equipment back and forth
Bill S- For packing his boat out and being the rescue guy

Sincerely your Prez........John Risbrough

- John Risbrough photos
JR_07-28-18_1   JR_07-28-18_2   JR_07-28-18_3   JR_07-28-18_4   JR_07-28-18_5

JR_07-28-18_6   JR_07-28-18_7   JR_07-28-18_8   JR_07-28-18_9   JR_07-28-18_10

JR_07-28-18_11   JR_07-28-18_12         

- Gary Jenks photo

July 4
07-04-18_1   07-04-18_2   07-04-18_3   07-04-18_4   07-04-18_5

07-04-18_6   07-04-18_7   07-04-18_8   07-04-18_9   07-04-18_10

07-04-18_111   07-04-18_12         

June 30 - Fun Fly and Swap
Well, another great event. We could not have asked for better weather. Thanks again to everyone that helped pull this event off and participated. Even though this is a small event it still requires some work to make it all happen. I especially want to thank all the wives that brought great food and cooked for all of us old dudes. Without their support, our events and hobby would not be the same. I don't have the numbers yet, but I think we had about 25-30 people total with at least a dozen or so pilots. We had a good mix of aircraft on the line and in the air with a bit of swap stuff trading homes. If anyone got pics, get them to Jim Corbett for posting. It sounds like we may do a bit of flying on the fourth. See ya all soon.   Your Prez...................John Risbrough

06-30-18_1   06-30-18_2   06-30-18_3   06-30-18_4   06-30-18_5

06-30-18_6   06-30-18_7   06-30-18_8   06-30-18_9   06-30-18_10

06-30-18_11   06-30-18_12   06-30-18_13   06-30-18_14   06-30-18_15

06-30-18_16   06-30-18_17   06-30-18_18   06-30-18_19   06-30-18_20

06-30-18_21   06-30-18_22   06-30-18_23   06-30-18_24   06-30-18_25   

06-30-18_26   06-30-18_27   06-30-18_28   06-30-18_29   

June 26 - Meeting,  Eating and flying
06-26-18_m1   06-26-18_m2   06-26-18_1   06-26-18_2   
And a once in a lifetime story

June 2 - John Risbrough photos
JR_06-02-18_1   JR_06-02-18_2   JR_06-02-18_3   

JR_06-02-18_4   JR_06-02-18_5      

May 22 - Meeting, Eating and Flying
05-22-18_m1   05-22-18_m2   05-22-18_1   05-22-18_2   

05-22-18_3   05-22-18_4   05-22-18_5      

May 19 - John Risbrough photos

JR_05-19-18_1   JR_05-19-18_2   JR_05-19-18_3   

JR_05-19-18_4   JR_05-19-18_5   JR_05-19-18_6   

May 5 - Swap and Shop
05-05-18_sm1   05-05-18_sm2   05-05-18_sm5   05-05-18_sm12   05-05-18_sm4

05-05-18_sm3   05-05-18_sm6   05-05-18_sm7   05-05-18_sm8   05-05-18_sm9

05-05-18_sm10   05-05-18_sm11   05-05-18_sm14   05-05-18_sm13   05-05-18_sm15

05-05-18_sm16   05-05-18_sm17   05-05-18_sm18   05-05-18_sm19   05-05-18_sm20

05-05-18_sm21   05-05-18_sm22   05-05-18_sm24   05-05-18_sm23   

May 4 - Swap and Shop setup and some flying
05-04-18_ss1   05-04-18_ss2   05-04-18_w1

Apr 24 - Meeting and show and tell
04-24-18_m1   04-24-18_s2   04-24-18_s1   04-24-18_s3

Mar 31 - Flying on Saturday was great. It was so nice to get out and stretch the wings. Most everyone got in some good flights.  We had about 7 club members and a few guests. The sun was on and off and wind was low. At the end of the day Bill S did a little work on one of our mowers and Rod spread 3 bags of fertilizer. Rod also got the irrigation up and running for the season. Thanks Guys. All in all a good day spent with great friends..... - John Risbrough photos

JR_03-31-18_1   JR_03-31-18_2   JR_03-31-18_3   JR_03-31-18_4

JR_03-31-18_5   JR_03-31-18_6   JR_03-31-18_7   JR_03-31-18_8

Mar 27 - Meeting, show and tell and Raffle prize for Swap and Shop
03-27-18_m2   03-27-18_s1   03-27-18_m1

Feb 27 - Meeting and show and tell
02-27-18_m1   02-27-18_s1

Jan 23 - Meeting

January 13 - Saturday float flying was great. Bill brought his 120 cc yak on balsa usa 1/3 scale edo floats. We had 6 flyers little windy until 10:00 then got like summer. Wind died down - great fun. - Rod madison photos
RM_01-13-18_1    RM_01-13-18_2    RM_01-13-18_3    RM_01-13-18_4    

RM_01-13-18_5    RM_01-13-18_6    RM_01-13-18_7    RM_01-13-18_8    

January 3



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