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Photos 2017 - Creswell RC Flyers

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Dec 8 - Christman Party -   John Risbrough and Jim Corbett photos

JR_12-08-17_1  JR_12-08-17_2   JR_12-08-17_3  JR_12-08-17_4  JR_12-08-17_5 

JR_12-08-17_6  JR_12-08-17_7   JR_12-08-17_8  JR_12-08-17_9  JR_12-08-17_10 

JR_12-08-17_11  JR_12-08-17_12   JR_12-08-17_13  JR_12-08-17_14   

12-08-17_5  12-08-17_2   12-08-17_3  12-08-17_4  12-08-17_1 

Nov 15 - Meeting at my Boyz Pizza    

11-15-17_m1  11-15-17_m2        

Show and Tell

11-15-17_s4   11-15-17_g2   11-15-17_s1  11-15-17_s3  

Oct 18 - Meeting at my Boyz Pizza   

10-18-17_m2  10-18-17_m1 

Sep 23 - John Risbrough photos

We had a great day of flying. The turnout out was about a dozen in number. We welcomed Frank and Mel from Eugene R/C Aeronauts to hit the skies with us as their home field is being re-seeded. Weather and company was perfect. With the season winding down, here is hoping for a few more weekends before we tuck our models in for the winter. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and week.

JR_09-23-17_1   JR_09-23-17_2

Sep 20 - Meeting at my Boyz Pizza    

09-20-17_1  09-20-17_2 

Aug 16 - Meeting, Show and Tell and some flying. 

08-16-17_m1  08-16-17_m2   08-16-17_s1  08-16-17_s2  08-16-17_s5 08-16-17_s7   08-16-17_s5   08-16-17_1  08-16-17_2  08-16-17_3

July 29 - John Risbrough photos

BB Fest Float Fly

We had a great time on Saturday Float Flying from a new space put together by the Lowell Parks Dept. A huge thanks goes out to those folks for supporting our club and this great hobby. The day started for me around 4 am so I could get to the site early for setup. It was light winds most of the day with heat not showing until close to the end. Without having the final numbers yet, we had about a dozen or so pilots and maybe 20 plus or so guests and spectators. In my opinion this was our best BB Fest to date. The new site proved to be great. It felt more like a family event instead of being so spread out like we were before. I heard nothing but positive feedback and what a great event it was.
We had several pilots from up north Salem Albany area as well as some from the Aeronauts. We had lots of flights put in with only a couple small incidents. I had the record this day for retrieval trips out in the boat. The shuttle service proved to be a big hit. Much thanks goes out to Bill Schneider's son for doing all the driving. I would also like to thank Allen Olsen for the use of his golf cart and trailer ,Rod Madison for the use of his quad, Bill Schneider for the use of his nice flatbed trailer to cart the big stuff and Gary Jenks for providing the airplane getter.
I want to also thank Bill and Barbara Spencer for manning the check in booth, What a great couple to have in this club. Last but not least, Thanks to Shawn Madison and Vicky Schneider for driving the parade route and tossing the planes to the kids. Once again this club pulled together and put on a successful event. Thanks for making my job easy.

Sincerely Your Prez................ John Risbrough

 JR_07-29-17_1   JR_07-29-17_2   JR_07-29-17_3  JR_07-29-17_4  JR_07-29-17_5 JR_07-29-17_6   JR_07-29-17_7   JR_07-29-17_8  JR_07-29-17_9  JR_07-29-17_10

June 24 - Fun Fly & Swap

Rod Madsion photos
RM_06-24-17_1  RM_06-24-17_2   RM_06-24-17_3  RM_06-24-17_4

Jim Corbett photos
 06-24-17_1   06-24-17_2   06-24-17_6  06-24-17_4  06-24-17_5

 06-24-17_7   06-24-17_8   06-24-17_13  06-24-17_11  06-24-17_12

 06-24-17_15   06-24-17_14       

 06-24-17_3   06-24-17_10   06-24-17_16  06-24-17_17  06-24-17_18

 06-24-17_s1   06-24-17_s2   06-24-17_9  06-24-17_19  

June 21 - Meeting
 06-21-17_m1   06-21-17_m2   06-21-17_1    

May 27 - Swap-n-Shop - See REPORT
 05-27-17_1   05-27-17_11   05-27-17_3  05-27-17_4  05-27-17_5

  05-27-17_7   05-27-17_8  05-27-17_9  05-27-17_16

05-27-17_10   05-27-17_15   05-27-17_13  05-27-17_14  05-27-17_12

May 17 - Meeting and show & tell and Flying
 05-17-17_m1   05-17-17_m3   05-17-17_m2  05-17-17_m4  05-17-17_1March 

April 29 - Work party and flying
 RM_04-29-17_1   RM_04-29-17_2   RM_04-29-17_3  RM_04-29-17_4  RM_04-29-17_5

April 19 - Meeting
 04-19-17_m1   04-19-17_m2      

and Show and Tell
 04-19-17_s1   04-19-17_s2   04-19-17_s3  04-19-17_s4  04-19-17_s5

March 15 - Meeting 
and Show and Tell
 03-15-17_s1   03-15-17_s2   03-15-17_s3  03-15-17_s4 

February 25 - Rods winter build, 14ft wingspan - Rod Madison photos
Carbon Cub by Aeroworks, 166" wingspan, DLE 120 swinging a 26 X 10 prop, 
12HP, 8.75" tires, Hitec servos running on spectrum receiver.

 RM_02-25-17_1   RM_02-25-17_2     

Feburay 15 -  Meeting at My Boys Pizza
 02-15-17_1   02-15-17_2     
and Show and Tell
 02-15-17_st3   02-15-17_st4   02-15-17_st1  02-15-17_st2

Feburay 11 - at the field - John Risbrough photo

January 18 - Meeting at My Boys Pizza
 01-18-17_1   01-18-17_2   01-18-17_3  

January 5 -  Gary Jenks photos

Here are some pictures of the snow day with skis on two of my planes. Also I thought you might like a picture of my Father-in-laws Spirit that he finished. I will get a picture with the wings on when the weather gets better

 GJ_01-05-17_2   GJ_01-05-17_3   GJ_01-05-17_1  


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