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Field Photos  2016 - Creswell RC Flyers  

September 21 - Bill Schneider photos
BS_09-21-16_1 BS_09-21-16_2 BS_09-21-16_3    

BS_09-21-16_4 BS_09-21-16_5 BS_09-21-16_6    

August 17
08-17-16_f5 08-17-16_f1 08-17-16_f2  08-17-16_f3  08-17-16_f4


June 25

May 21  - Saturday work party at the field -
Rod Madison Photos

Field renovation               John finishing electrical     Tim fertilizing and seeding  Bill and Gary helping out   Allen loading up fertilizer
RM_renovation_05-21-16  RM_JohnWiring_05-21-16  RM_seeding_05-21-16   RM_Gary&Bill_05-21-16   RM_fertilizer_05-21-16    

John Risbrough photos
JR_MovingDirt  JR_Fertilizing  JR_Rolling  

Saturday turned out to be a dry day to work the field. Things accomplished: Spread soil into low spots and fill in around sprinkler and electrical ground boxes, Drug the field, spread new grass seed and fertilizer, watered the field and installed our security camera. Thanks to Rod, Gary S,Bill S, Allen and Tim for all their hard work. Rod has all the sprinklers set to run on auto now  during the night. The field should be on its way to looking even better in in a few short weeks. Thanks again.  John Risbrough

May 15
05-15-16_f1 05-15-16_f2

Apr 20
04-20-16_f1 04-20-16_f2 04-20-16_f3  04-20-16_f4

04-20-16_f5 04-20-16_f6 04-20-16_f7  04-20-16_f8

04-20-16_f9 04-20-16_f10 04-20-16_f11  04-20-16_f12
Rod Madison photo

Apr 16 - John Risbrough photos
JR_04-18-16_1 JR_04-18-16_2 JR_04-18-16_3  JR_04-18-16_4

JR_04-18-16_5 JR_04-18-16_6 JR_04-18-16_7  

Mar 29
03-29-16_f1 03-29-16_f2 03-29-16_f3  

03-29-16_f4 03-29-16_f5 03-29-16_f6  

03-29-16_f7 03-29-16_f8   

Feb 25
02-25-16_cf1 02-25-16_cf2 02-25-16_cf3  

02-25-16_cf4 02-25-16_cf5 02-25-16_cf6  

Feb 2
02-02-16_f1 02-02-16_f2 02-02-16_f3 02-02-16_f4 

Field Photos 2015   

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