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Photos - Fun Fly 2011 - CRCF
Photos - Fun Fly 2011  - August 21 - Creswell RC Flyers  

Link to The Creswell Chronicle online Report
The Creswell Chronicle printed Report

Report - Our first event went very well.  40 attended

Our thanks to the volenteers:

Scott Joiner a teacher at Willamette Leadership Academy and some of the academy students.

Stephanie Risbrough, and Micky Schultz, along with Vickie Schneider helped with setting up the tables, making signs, selling tickets, and serving food. Stephanie did an excellent job of bar-be-quing the hamburgers and hot dogs, while Mickie & Vickie served the food.  One of the visitor's from Oakridge, Diane Powell, also pitched in & helped serve food also.  Her son Donnie was one of the pilots and he won a plane.  Don Schultz acted as a relief server so the ladies could take a break and have lunch.  Joe Owen's wife Dottie made cookies & brownies.  Khoi brought donuts that morning before lunch was served.

Also our thanks to the Paint Ball Palace for their assistance in this event.

08-21-11_6 08-21-11_7
Announcement Board
Sponsor Board

08-21-11_8 08-21-11_3 08-21-11_13
Visitor Parking
Ticket Sales
Volunteer Staff

08-21-11_14 08-21-11_20 08-21-11_21 08-21-11_2
Pilot meeting
Aircraft area
Visitor Tour
Aircraft area

Paint Ball Shootout

08-21-11_11 08-21-11_10 08-21-11_19 08-21-11_29
Drone Pilot Bill
Drone fly by
A hit
Two Hits

08-21-11_15 08-21-11_16 08-21-11_18 08-21-11_39

08-21-11_19 08-21-11_30 08-21-11_17 08-21-11_22

08-21-11_36 08-21-11_38 08-21-11_4 08-21-11_5

And there was FOOD

08-21-11_27 08-21-11_28 08-21-11_26 08-21-11_32
Shaded eating area
Cooking station
Shooter and Pilot

08-21-11_23 08-21-11_24 08-21-11_25 08-21-11_31

A REAL aircraft fly by

08-21-11_33 08-21-11_35 08-21-11_34 08-21-11_41

We had the pleasure of a vintage aircraft fly by, and a visit by the vintage pilot!

Bill Schneider photos
DSC00986 DSC00981 DSC00982

DSC00983 DSC00984 DSC00985

All done
08-21-11_44 08-21-11_42
Shade gone
Visitors all gone too


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