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Float Flying Photos - Creswell RC Flyers

  Float Flying Photos 2012         

July 20 - Rod Madison photos
RM_07-20-13_1 RM_07-20-13_2
First on the water
Bill getting recovery boat ready

RM_07-20-13_3 RM_07-20-13_4
Big Cubs  little Cubs
Marty getting ready for first flight of the day

RM_07-20-13_5 RM_07-20-13_6
Tim helping Khoi get ready to hit the water
Rod's Cub sitting on the beach

RM_07-20-13_7 RM_07-20-13_8
Bill launching Rods Super Cub Marty doing magic with his copter

RM_07-20-13_9 RM_07-20-13_10
Cubs on the beach what a pretty site Bills Super Cub on the Beach getting ready to fly

RM_07-20-13_11 RM_07-20-13_12
Rods J3 Cub just back from a flight
Khoi launching his rocket plane
flys at 120 miles an hour

Gary and Rod having fun

June 8 -
Float Fly - John Farkas, Rod Madison and Jim Corbett photos
JF_06-08-13_09 JF_06-08-13_17 JF_06-08-13_23 JF_06-08-13_25 JF_06-08-13_28
JF_06-08-13_34 JF_06-08-13_35 JF_06-08-13_36 JF_06-08-13_40 JF_06-08-13_48

JF_06-08-13_49 JF_06-08-13_52 JF_06-08-13_55 JF_06-08-13_56 JF_06-08-13_58
RM_06-08-13_1 RM_06-08-13_2 RM_06-08-13_3 <06-08-13_FF01 06-08-13_FF02
06-08-13_FF03  06-08-13_FF04  06-08-13_FF05  06-08-13_FF06  06-08-13_FF07

06-08-13_FF08  06-08-13_FF09  06-08-13_FF10  06-08-13_FF11  06-08-13_FF12

06-08-13_FF13  06-08-13_FF14  06-08-13_FF15  06-08-13_FF16  06-08-13_FF17

06-08-13_FF18  06-08-13_FF19  06-08-13_FF20  06-08-13_FF21  06-08-13_FF22

RM_03-30-13_5   RM_03-30-13_6    RM_03-30-13_7  RM_06-08-13_7c 

March 21 - New float flying parking area t Dexter Lake

P1000896.jpg   P1000912.jpg    P1000913.jpg    P1000980.jpg       P1000984.jpg  

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