Meeting Minutes September 17, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President John Risbrough.

Reading of last month’s meeting minutes:
Minutes for the August meeting were read and approved as presented.

Treasury Report:
Treasury report was read by Rod Madison including beginning balance and ending balances and revenue and expenses for the month of August. Financial report approved.

Field Maintenance:
John discussed the recent mower shed roof application to prevent leaks. Kudos to John and Rod for scaling up to apply the roofing product. We’ll need to check for leaks, especially after the recent rains.

It’s that time of year to pull the irrigation pump from the pond and winterize our irrigation system. Officer Nominations:
John presented the ballots for club officer elections coming in November. Members are asked to review and vote. If any member is interested in serving in an officer role, please put your name forward or ask any existing officer about the role.

Sponsorship Renewals:
A brief discussion about soliciting sponsorships from existing sponsors and the possibility to ask other businesses such as Cascade Hardware and the new Tractor Store in Creswell.

Float Fly:
There was club consensus to hold a Float Fly at Dexter Lake this Saturday 9/21. Rod will notify the Army Corps of Engineers of our intent to fly per protocol.

Kudos to Sam for donating the Hobby Horizon T-28 Trojan Warbird to the club for raffle opportunities.

Show & Tell:
Bill Schneider introduced a new aluminum welding rods that can be used with a propane torch and has many applications for welding aluminum parts. The product is called Alumaweld.

Monty shared that a woman has donated a large amount of RC scratch building material and parts that belonged to her father who was an avid RC airplane builder. A recommendation was made to divide up the balsa wood into bundles that could be auctioned off or as raffle prizes.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30p.m. Tim Herrmann, Secretary