Creswell RC Flyers

Meeting Minutes

Date: 07/23/19

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President John Risbrough.

Reading of last monthís meeting minutes:

Minutes for the May meeting were read and approved as presented.

Treasury Report: Treasury report was read by Rod Madison including beginning balance and ending balance. Report approved.

Field Maintenance: The old tables used in the sitting area that are used for meetings and meals are being replaced with new tables. Old tables will be discarded. If any member wants them to refurbish, have at it!

Need to set up a date to clean the float flying area. In order to participate, members must register with Oregon State Parks as a volunteer. Bill Schneider has the form needing to be filled out.

Events: A brief discussion about the possibility for a breakfast/fun fly in September and inviting other clubs to join us. It was recommended we not charge a pilot fee but rather ask for a donation for breakfast. A suggestion was also made to see if a food cart vendor would be interested in supporting the food service.

John will get a copy of the Salemís club Float Fly calendar to be posted on our website.

Safety Review: Again, a reminder that flight tables should be facing in a direction that creates a safety buffer between the aircraft prop and groups of individuals.

Flight cages are to remain on the south end of the field to further avoid congestion near the pit area.

Recognitions:Kudos to John and Rod for cleaning out the storage unit at the field. This was a tremendous undertaking in rat-infested conditions. All items located in the storage unit is items we need throughout the flying season.

Show & Tell: none

Meeting adjourned at 6:30p.m.


Tim Herrmann, Secretary